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What is Abscess & Boils
An abscess is a pocket of pus collection caused due to suppuration (i.e. formation or discharge of pus) after bacterial infection or injury. It can occur in any part of the body – outer surface, inner deeper organs or tissues. Even a boil, pustule or pimple can be called as a small abscess. It starts as a tender swelling with throbbing pain. However, if allowed to develop further, it becomes a hard painful swelling which results in draining of pus either inside or outside.

•Throbbing pain and sensitivity to touch
•Redness and hot swelling
•Fever with chills and body ache
•Discharge of pus and blood when the abscess breaks
•Enlargement of regional lymph nodes
•Generally, all abscesses feel warm due to increase in blood circulation; however, tubercular abscesses usually remain cold (hence, they are referred to as ‘cold abscesses’). They too need immediate critical care.

•Lancing (cutting of the abscess) can be avoided with timely Homoeopathic treatment to Reduce the size of inflammation,reduce the pain, promote suppuration and drainage. Homoeopathy can effectively increase the immune system which helps to overcome the recurrent abscess and boils.