Ulcerative Colitis

What is Ulcerative Colitis
It is a disease where there is an inflammation and ulceration of the lining of large intestine,due to immunological cause.
The patients of Ulcerative colitis have swlling along with ulcers located in their colon and rectum.
It can be debilitated and can cause life threatening complications.
It usually affects only the innermost lining of large intestine.

1.Disturbance of immune system -One of the major cause is abnormal activation of immune system,in which body’s own defense system starts attacking body’s own tissues.
3.Hereditary factors – If any immediate family member having ulcerative colitis,so there is more chances for having the disease.
3.Diet-Intake of junk food increases the susceptibility of having ulcerative colitis.
4.Infections -Certain infections caused by E.Coli are the causative factor.
5.Medicines -Intake of oral contracetive pills and NSAIDs can cause the disease.

•Rectal bleeding
•Abdominal pain

According to symptoms its types are:
1.Ulcerative Proctits & In this inflammation confined to the area closest to anus and patient complaint of rectal bleeding,rectal pain and feeling of urgency.
2.Proctosigmoiditis -It involves the rectum and sigmoid colon.Bloddy diarrhea,abdominal cramps and pain are the complaints.
3.Left sided colitis -Inflammation extends from rectum to sigmoid and descending colon.symptoms are bloody diarrhoea ,abdominal cramp,and pain of left side.
4.Pancolitis -Affect more than left colon .There are bouts of bloody diarrhoea,abdominal pain,cramps,fatigue etc.
5.Fulminant Colitis —It is a life threatening form of colitis.

1.Blood test- For the presence of certain antibodies.
2.Stool sample -Presence of white blood cells in the stool.
5.Flexible sigmoidoscopy
6.Barium enema

•It corrects the immune abnormal reaction and helping the disease process at a deeper level.