What is Molluscumcontagiosum
Molluscumcontagiosum is a skin infection that is caused by a virus. The virus, called the molluscum virus, produces benign raised lesions, or bumps, on the upper layers of your skin.
The small bumps usually are painless. They disappear on their own and rarely leave scars when left untreated. The length of time the virus lasts varies for each person, but the bumps can last from two months up to four years.

•You can contract molluscumcontagiosum by touching the lesions on the skin of an infected person. Children can contract the virus during normal play with other children.
•Teens and adults are more likely to become infected through sexual contact. You can also become infected during contact sports—such as wrestling or football—that involve bare skin interactions.
•The molluscum virus can survive on surfaces that have been touched by the skin of an infected person. Therefore, it’s possible to contract the virus by handling towels, clothing, toys, or other items that have been contaminated.
•Molluscumcontagiosum also can be transferred by shared sports equipment where an athlete’s bare skin comes in contact with the object. The virus can be left and passed to the next person on items such as baseball gloves, wrestling mats, and football helmets.
•If you have this condition, you can spread the infection throughout your body. You can transfer the virus from one part of your body to another by touching, scratching, or shaving a bump and then touching another part of your body.

Homeopathic medicines helps to stop the spread of the virus that causes molluscum.
Its extent, severity and further progress can be controlled by Homeopathic Treatment.