Acne (Pimples)

What is Acne
Acne or pimple is a disease of skin that occurs when the hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells.
Acne most commonly appears on face,chest,neck and shoulders. It affects almost all males and females during puberty.
The hair follicles in our skin are closely associated with oil glands called Sebaceous glands which produce Sebum.Sometimes when too much sebum is produced,it accumulates thus clogging the pores and pore gets blocked.This lead to swelling around the pore,results in Acne. At times bacteria can also build up inside leading to pus formation.

•HORMONES:-Male hormones Androgens are responsible that are present in both male and female.
Hormonal changes occur with puberty,menstrual periods,pregnancy,use of birth control pills,menopause.
•GENETICS:-Heredity plays a significant role in the development of acne.
•MEDICATIONS:-Such as steroids.testosterone injections and pills can lead to severe outbreaks of acne.
•STRESS:-It can cause hormonal changes which results in acne.
•BACTERIA:-Propionibacterium acnes is responsible for acne.
•DIET:-Some foods like caffeine,spicy food,excessive sweets,alcohol,chocolates may worsen the acne.

•Diagnosis based on age of onset,distribution and presence of comedones.

•Homeopathy has good scope in the treatment of acne.
•Medicines help to reduce the severity of the eruptions and control scarring.
•They control the tendency to have acne.
•Reduce excessive oil of skin.
•Reduces hyperpigmentation following acne.
Acne almost never disappears at once. Acne eruptions vary in intensity and severity during treatment but with continued and regular medications conditions comes under good control.

•GRADE 1(MILD) – Comedones(white and black heads) and few papules.

•GRADE 2(MODERATE) – Comedones,papules and few pustules.

•GRADE 3(SEVERE) – Predominantly pustules,abscesses and few nodules.

•GRADE 4(CYSTIC) – Predominantly cysts,nodules and scarring.

•DIET –Drink plenty of water.
•Increase zinc rich food.
•Avoid sugar,fried,fatty food.
•OTHERS-Avoid scrubbing hard.
•Keep your hair clean.
•Avoid using greasy or cream based make-up.
•After heavy work out take a bath.